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Pool Salt Water

Salt water swimming pools provide an enhanced level of bather comfort than traditional chlorine swimming pools & hot tubs. Pool salt water chlorinators are also less expensive and easier than traditional chlorine from a maintenance perspective. Find out why so many people are switching to salt water pools - but also learn how salt water can RUIN your swimming pool!

Chlorine VS Salt Water Pools

There is very little difference between a salt water pool and a regular chlorine pool. Salt water systems are still chlorine based so using salt water is definitely not a chlorine alternative. The main difference is that you are changing the medium that you are introducing chlorine to your system.

If you need to add chlorine shock manually to a pool with salt water this would not be a problem. The refined chlorine that you purchase in liquid, granular or puck form are all exactly the same as chlorine generated as a result of a salt water generator once the chlorine comes in contact with the water.

Pool Salt Water Chlorinators

Adding salt to the pool water is only part of the process of salt water chlorination. In addition to this you need to have a chlorine generation cell installed in the plumbing system.

Salt Water Generation Cell
A small electric current is passed through the salt water which separates the sodium from the chlorine.

The cell will need to be replaced periodically based upon how well you balance your water chemistry but typically last any where from 2 to 7 years.

The only other component to salt water chlorination is adding salt into the pool in the range of 3000 parts per million. The salt, unlike convention pool water chlorination, does not dissipate and only needs to be added to the pool occasionally. As little as once to twice per pool season for most pools is enough and that provides enough base material to generate free chlorine for the year.

The next section looks at some of the limitations of salt water generating systems. If you are considering adding this to your pool you should be aware of how well the system operates.

Salt Water Pool pH

The type of chlorine that a swimming pool salt water system generates has a high pH so you will need to manually lower your pH on a regular basis.